Table of Contents
Stories 1
Oprah Winfrey Show Transcript: “Particle Decay In The ‘80’s, One Proton’s Story” 3
Subatomic School 7
The Case Of Particle X 11
My Name Is Atom 15
Jail Break 19
Crisis Mediation 23
Princess Zuzu 27
The Midlife Crisis Of Tony Proton 33
Lucy And The Particle Collider 37
The Anthropomorphized Subatomic Zoo 41
A Subatomic Love Story 43
Jurassic Quark 47
Atomic Love 53
Mickey Spilane Uchitel In The Subatomic Zoo 57
The Neutron Story: A Tale Of Charge And Decay 59
Quarks, A Hot Particle Story 63
Transformations 69
Proton In The Fast Lane 73
Interview With A Proton 77
Fairytales 83
Once Upon An Atom 85
Alice’s Adventures In Subatomic Land 89
Jack Dirac And The Beanstalk; A Physicist’s Fairytale 97
Snow White And The Seven (Uh…Six) Quarks: A Fairy Tale For Physicists’ Children 101
A Fermi Lab Fairy Tale 107
Poems 111
Ode on the death of a top quark 113
Physics dinner 115
Ode to fundamentals 117
A topless generation 120
Physics is phun 123
Honk if you love electrons 127
Genesis of the sub-atomic 129
Neutrally silly 133
Free verse rumination on quarks 135
Particle Press 137
Glossary 141
Suggestions for Further Reading 147