Jill Linz received her master’s degree in
theoretical physics from RPI in 1991 and has been
a member of the physics faculty at Skidmore
College since 1992. Her own experiences have
been non-traditional, as she entered the field of
physics with a background in classical music. In
the belief that physics education should begin as
early as possible, she created the Physics
Outreach Project in 2000. This project has
brought physics to elementary age students and
culminated with the production of two broadcast
quality videos.

Cindy Schwarz is a Professor of Physics at
Vassar College. She has a Ph.D. in experimental
particle physics from Yale University. She has
authored several books and one multimedia CD-
ROM. Her first book, A Tour of the Subatomic
Zoo, won the American Library Association Award
for Outstanding Academic Book and is now out in
a second edition. She also edited and published
Tales from the Subatomic Zoo, a collection of short
stories and poems written by her Vassar Students
where subatomic particles are the characters. Her
passion is making physics accessible and
interesting to all.